Meet the performers

"Artist, Producer, AND Bassist - JAMAALADEEN TACUMA “Jamaaladeen is the master of the sequence.” ORNETTE COLEMAN

"Tenor saxophonist Odean Pope is the bridge between hard bop and free."- ELLIOTT SIMON All About Jazz

"Veteran pianist Dave Burrell personifies the best of neoclassicism-uncompromising individuality and in-the-moment gusto." The New Yorker

“I first heard Cornell with Jamaaladeen, and then later in Holland with Odeon Pope, and I thought he was fantastic,” Joe Zawinul

Charles Ellerbe

What are the preconditions to modern jazz drumming? “No. 1,” Mr. Faulkner said, “you have to know the vocabulary, and No. 2, you have to understand that you’re making music. So what you’re feeling and hearing should go from within to the drums. If you’re not feeling what you’re playing, then you’re just meandering.” -New York Times

Valerie Gay An accomplished singer, Ms. Gay’s performing repertoire includes singing in operas, musical theater, solo concert recitals and conducting ensembles in special events across the Philadelphia region as well as nationally and internationally Fuze Vox A musical experience featuring the compositions, far reaching guitar and electronics of Jeff Monjack and the soaring vocals and keyboard antics of soprano Valerie Gay. Bringing their experiences in Blues, Classical, Acid Jazz, Pop, Country, Gospel and Experimental music this eclectic duo is known as FUSE VOX. As our society becomes more and more splintered into boxes/categories, FUSE VOX comes together to make music across categories helping themselves and their audiences listen without those boxes so that we all might better move through the world. Jeff and Val’s deep commitment to social justice drives their music and their perspicacious wit completes the delivery. Heralded at the Outsiders Festival, FUSE VOX invites the audience on a memorable phantasmagoric groovy ride.

"If anything can define Mr. Zorn and his work, it is his stance as a defiant outsider — even upon his big moment of insider acceptance."- Ben Sisario New York TImes

Henry has always been a serious, intense, and fearless musician whose personal life reflected those exceptional qualities. I admire him greatly. — Sonny Rollins, ‘O7

"It's only through understanding and access, true access to another culture, that we're going to be able to form a peaceful world,"