Together, the two musicians, who have been linked by a deep friendship for years, embark on a journey back to their roots. ”

Michael Ternai

When it comes to pure musical excitement and energy, GEMINI GEMINI fits that description. GEMINI GEMINI the eclectic and exciting duo between Vienna's own homeboy saxophonist and composer Wolfgang Puschnig, and Philadephia's own electric bass guitarist, composer and producer Jamaaladeen Tacuma. This duo is truly a magnificent duo of two of the most closest friends on and off the world stage. Yes they have traveled the world many times over bringing their good vibrations of composed and improvised music to many. And after all of this moving around the planet, these two wonderful artist still feel the warmth and eagerness of the audience at one of their concerts. Wolfgang and Jamaaladeen share a rich history of musical bliss. They have worked with the world famous Korean group Samul Nori, vocalist Linda Sharrock, Ornette Coleman, Carla Bley and a host of groundbreaking creative musical artist [...] with the complete and sincere intention of bringing a musical smile to your face" (J.T.)

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Photo Provided by Sound Evidence

Photo Provided by Sound Evidence

Photo Provided by Altes Kino Austria 2019

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On June 11 2015 we were all hearing the news of the passing of Maestro Ornette Coleman.  That day also happened to be my birthday therefore it became inevitably sealed in my memory even more than it would have been otherwise. Ornette's passing had a great affect on me as it did many others.  It brought on serious contemplation of Ornette's contribution to humanity and how he influenced  not only myself  but the world especially in regards to the art of improvisation within music. I had the great blessing of spending over 12 years in in-depth study with Ornette, this changed me forever.  For the past year I have been working on a studio recording along with my dear friend and collaborator Wolfgang Puschnig.  

 Portal is a series of recording collaborations that were done in the spirit of  knowing Ornette Coleman. The filtered audio result is based on our experience in the Harmolodic realm. Ornette Coleman left us with a blue print on how to navigate through sound and musical ideas. The Harmolodic concept has given us a foundation of experimentation and sincere improvisation. The musicians on this recording contributed their unique sounds through their chosen instruments. It is farewell tribute to a Maestro that made it all look easy. 

Portal is a new Gemini Gemini Album Release

Gemini Gemini is  and  Jamaaladeen Tacuma Double Bass, Electric Bass, Wolfgang Puschnig ; Alto Saxophone , Flute founded in 1994. 

Our special guests are : Christy Doran- Guitar, Wolter Wierbos- Trombone, Asha Puthli- Vocals, Reinhardt Winkler- Percussion, Fredy Studer- Drums, Kim Duk Soo- Hojak

Photo by Sound Evidence . Styling by The Redd Carpet Room