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Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Brotherzone at NYC Winter Jazz Festival 2018 

at SubCulture NYC - 1am on Saturday night 

Jamaaladeen Tacuma Bass 
Darryl Burgee Drums 
Wadud Ahmad Vocals 
Special Guests 
Ronny Drayton Electric Guitar 
Abiodun Oyewole Spoken Word 

Jamaladeen Tacuma's "Brotherzone" concept is a musical territory, in other words a brotherly interzone. With his free funk approach, his tight and deep attack, his highly syncopated playing, the bass wizard gives a "groove" (or rather a "swing") to music that takes it way beyond. Together with Daryl Burgee, a creative and multi-talented drummer, and Ronny Drayton on guitar, he lays the foundation of an exemplary rock/funk power trio. Wadud Ahmad, fourth member of this musical brotherhood, is a poet acclaimed by Sonia Sanchez as well as The Roots (listen to their "Raising Down" opus). His socially conscious spoken word does perfectly fit the trio's open-mindedness that will take us to a world where rock, free, funk and hip-hop happily coexist with a very special guest Abiodun Oyewole founding memeber of The Last Poets will take this over the top with his blistering politically charged raps leaving the audience with something to think about and ready to resist. 

“To experience Freedom, Justice and Equality is the divine right of every human being on the planet earth. That right has no color bounds and the pursuit of those qualities is an action that requires no excuse . Freedom in music is a human experience that transcends all boundaries and is a natural action of resistance. 

My art through music has been an ongoing task to outwardly bring positive and uplifting audio experiences to the masses. My personal goal of striving to attain moral excellence has allowed me to see clearly through negative responses and behaviors. The existing state of inequality, and all of the negative social injustices that are being implemented in this world makes it possible for me through my art to shout out, bring to the forefront the ongoing struggle in hopes to make what is wrong right." - Jamaaladeen Tacuma

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Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Fest 2017 April 30th! 


The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival 2017 - April 30, 2017 
Philly Celebrates Jazz and International Jazz Day with renowned bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and friends at the Philadelphia International House Ibrahim Theater 

Philadelphia, PA – Internationally renowned bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma is pleased to present The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival for the third year in a row, a celebration of creative, progressive improvised music. The concert takes place on International Jazz Day, Saturday, April 30, 2017 from 7pm — 11pm at The International House, 3701 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA . Admission is $25 for Adults and $15 for students with I.D. 
Organic Soul Food Catering by Abu The Juiceman.  

The 2016 Festival brought together people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities for an evening celebrating Philadelphia's rich musical tapestry—the event was sold out with a waiting list to get in. Whereas last year’s theme was the programming together of “old heads” with the up-and-coming young firebrands of the Philly scene, this year the emphasis is on new connections overall. Audiences will be treated to sets performed by stellar musicians in exciting new combinations curated by Jamaaladeen Tacuma. Tacuma brings his insight and long history as an internationally touring creative composer and improviser to bear on assembling these premiere configurations. 

Tacuma notes that in recent years, Jazz festivals around the world are becoming increasingly conservative. Festivals now demand artists whose ensembles and compositions have a proven track record of positive reviews, resulting in commercialized and diluted programming that becomes ubiquitous and overly familiar. The 2017 Outsiders Festival aims to bring back the adventurous and experimental spirit that was once more encouraged.  

With this idea of promoting vibrant, healthy, risk-taking freedom of expression, Tacuma has selected a lineup that includes saxophonist David Murray, multi-instrumentalist and composer Kahil El Zabar, trombonist Craig Harris, the Nick Millevoi Quartet, Harriet Tubman Trio, guitarist Chuck Hammer, pianist Yoichi Uzeki, Electronic Sound Scapes Producer Moshe Black, and many more.  

Complete Lineup: 

David Murray, Kahil EL Zabar, Craig Harris, Chuck Hammer, Jamie Saft, Nick Millevoi Quartet - Matt Engle, Brian Marsella, Harriet Tubman - JT Lewis, Brandon Ross, Melvin Gibbs, Keir Neuringer, Yoichi Uzeki, David Fishkin, Moshe Black, Asimina Chremos, Brad Forbes, Tim Hutson, iNFiNiEN- Jordan Berger, Tom Cullen, Chrissie Loftus, Matt Hollenberg 

#PhillyJazzMonth, #PhillyIntlJazzDay, #JazzDay, #IntlJazzDay

Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Gnawa Soul Experience Release & Gnaoua Et Jazz Show  

Exciting News: My new recording of the wonderful collaboration with myself and the Gnawa musicians of Morocco is finally completed and now ready for the release this weekend. It is entitled "The Gnawa Soul Experience" I am thrilled to be able to make this recording available to the world audience. It will available for the first time March 19th Sunday in Brooklyn at Pioneer Works  as I am thrilled to be performing at Gnaoua et Jazz curated by Will Calhoun as part of the 20th anniversary of Festival Gnaoua et Musiques Du monde. This recording marks a milestone in my musical career carrying on the idea of bridging the musical gap culturally and preserving and celebrating Gnawa music and it's rich repertoire of ancient African song rhythm and dance.


This recording is the result of International music artist, producer, composer and electric bass guitarist Jamaaladeen Tacuma's collaboration with Morocco's up and coming Gnawa group Binat Gania. Guest artist includes Gnawa musician Samir Langus on sintir and vocals, DJ King Britt on soundscapes, guitarist Herve Samb and Rick Iannacone, Wolfgang Pushing on Hojak, Ahmad Compaore on drums, Yoichi Uzeki on organ and Bob Wisdom on vocals. This combination of ancient African Gnawa traditional instrumentation and musical themes along with Jamaaladeen's sense of production in funk and groove mashes together a completely new sound fresh to the global listening audience. The music is powerful with emotion and intensity and for sure will bring the listening to their dancing feet. The recording is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2017. Take a listen you will agree that this is the new sound wave of the future. Produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for JAM ALL PRODUCTIONS 2017
Cover design by Sound Evidence

Alhamdulillah (all the praise is for Allah) Special thanks to Hicham El Kebbaj, Neila Tazi, Karim Ziad, Fouad Wardi, and everyone at Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde 19th edition for the invitation to come to Essaouira providing me with a wonderful foundation, spirit and introduction to the music of Gnaoua and its ancient African legacy. Sincere thank you to Maalem Hassan Boussou who guided me through in learning the ancient rhythms of Gnaoua for our Performance on stage together for which I will forever be grateful. Thanks to Family Gania for being gracious and working with me on this historical recording, bringing the true essence of the Gnawa sound. This is truly a milestone in my music career and I thank you family Gania. Thanks to Herve Samba, Yoichi Uzeki , Wolfgang Puschnig, Ahmad Compaore, Rick Iannacone, King Britt, Samir Langus and Bob Wisdom for helping shape this recording to bridge the cultures together. To Moshe Black and Paul Urbanek for their professional ears, and a very special thank you to Ali El Couhen my number one fan from Morocco . Thanks everyone at Restaurant (Resto) Salma for providing the inspiring atmosphere to embark on this production."- 

Jamaaladeen Tacuma 



Jamaaladeen Tacuma in Bologna Italy for Marco Visconti-Prasca Studio Artist Exchange Residency 

Jamaaladeen is honored to be traveling to Bologna Italy this week to begin a week long artist residency at the Studio of Marco Visconti-Prasaca and Betty Zanelli , there will be a special concert event held Saturday January 28 2017 at Gallery Enrico Astuni via JACOPO BAROZZI 3, Bologna  .  This international artist exchange is coming at very important time in our world history, political forces are pushing in a direction of isolationism and exclusion. Artists worldwide must come together and share their creative ideas and energy to bring peace and beauty to the world. 

Smashy (Coolness Is Forever) is the name that Jamaaladeen Tacuma wanted to give to his partnership with Marco Visconti-Prasca. A musical relationship began in 2012, reflecting the diversity of experiences of musicians who are involved. Never as in this case the 'group' name is a program. Both Jamaaladeen Tacuma Greg Burk, Tony Arco or Marco Visconti Prasca have addressed the most diverse repertoires but always with that attitude of self-ironic and detached control that is synthesized from the word 'cool'. Whether addressing songs written from Tacuma musical mentor, the immense Ornette Coleman, whether it should launch improvisations that refer to 'free-funk' or recreate songs of John Coltrane, the one that marks the collaboration between Tacuma and Marco V.P. It is the attitude, the 'coolness', anyway. 'Coolness' shared by their fellow adventurers.

SMASHY (Coolness Is Forever) è il nome che Jamaaladeen Tacuma ha voluto dare alla sua collaborazione con Marco Visconti-Prasca. Un rapporto musicale iniziato nel 2012 che riflette la poliedricità di esperienze dei musicisti che ne vengono coinvolti. Mai come in questo caso il nome del 'gruppo' è un programma. Tanto Jamaaladeen Tacuma che Greg Burk, Tony Arco o Marco Visconti Prasca hanno affrontato i repertori più diversi ma sempre con quell'atteggiamento di auto-controllo ironico e distaccato che è sintetizzato dalla parola 'cool'. Sia che affrontino brani scritti dal mentore musicale di Tacuma, l'immenso Ornette Coleman, sia che si lancino in improvvisazioni che rimandano al 'free-funk' o che ripropongano brani di John Coltrane, quello che contraddistingue la collaborazione tra Tacuma e Marco V.P. è l'atteggiamento, la 'coolness', sempre e comunque. 'Coolness' condivisa dai loro compagni di avventura.

Marco Visconti-Prasca (Milan 1957), saxophonist and composer, is an Italian musician who is dedicated both to contemporary music to jazz. Among the interpreters of his work compositional: Rohan de Saram, Roger Marsh, Michael Finnissy, Anna Maria Morini, the Brave New Works Ensemble, John McDonald, Barry Webb, Damien Harron, Lee Konitz and David Liebman. Other collaborations have been with George Russell, Gerry Mulligan, Markus Stockhausen and George Lewis. Currently he creates musical projects with Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Marco Colonna, with the poets Federico Sanguineti and Nanni Balestrini, as well as with visual artist Betty Zanelli he works at I.M.K. Berlin. From 1997 to 2003 he worked with the Civic Jazz Courses teaching theory / ear training and as a guest conductor of the Civic Jazz Band of Enrico Intra.

Betty Zanelli is an artist working with photography, digital painting and installation. Following her first solo show at P.S. 122 Gallery in New York and at Studio Mascarella in Bologna, Betty Zanelli moved to New York City where she lived for several years. 
In New York she worked in a variety of media and genres, including painting, photography and installation art, often incorporating found objects such as violin cases, violins, music sheets, worn-out fabrics, and objects associated with popular and religious culture. Between 1991 and 1995 Zanelli participated in the P.S. 122 Project Studio Space Program, winning the art residency for two years; she showed in LA and in New York at the Snug Harbor Museum. Zanelli participated in many more one-person and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad: in New York, NY (Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Snug Harbor Museum, P.S.122 Gallery, MMC Gallery, Marymount College, New York, NY, Knitting Factory, ); Los Angeles (Otis/Parsons Gallery); Berlin (Büro für Bestimmte Dinge, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Galerie + Edition Caoc); London (Art Work Space); Rome and Bologna (eLaSTiCo, Spazio Lavì, L'Ariete Arte Contemporanea, Arco di Rab, Il Graffio, Il Campo delle Fragole, Studio Mascarella, H2O Art Space,Natural-Camera, Due Punti Lab, Goethe Zentrum - Istituto di cultura Germanica). Since the year 2000, Betty Zanelli has focused on the use of photography and digital printing in her work, media she uses to investigate popular iconography and pop culture. She continues traveling to further her own research on Luna Parks, places for entertainment, amusement parks, roundabouts, rides and attractions for children, as for the recent research on the Berlin Spreepark , the former DDR Kulturpark. 
In the past four years, Betty Zanelli traveled in particular to Berlin where, in September 2014 and in September 2015, she held an art residency at the Institut für Alles Mögliche. Back to Europe, Zanelli has settled back in Bologna, Italy, where she was born. 

A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts - where she studied drawing, painting and photography - Betty Zanelli is currently holding a professorship at that Institution. 

Photo Courtesy of Betty Zanelli taken at Civitella Rainier 2014

Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde 2016 Essaouira , Morocco 

Incredible week in May 2016  for Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde  Essaouira, Morocco. . Alhamdulilah (all praise is for God). I had A wonderful concert with great Maalem Hassan Boussou a monumental collaboration in career. . He is truly a treasure and I was indeed blessed to share the stage with. The music of the Gnaoua is so so powerful and the massive audience that attended loved it, and I loved them. The staff of the festival was the most gracious and professional. I was joined by King Britt on Electronics, Wolfgang Puschnig on Sax, flute and hojak, and Ahmad Compaoré on drums and a surprise special guest Bob Wisdom. I am grateful to them all for their creative contributions and brotherhood. We all had a wonderful time. Anyone who enjoys arts , culture and music needs to visit Essaouira for this festival, you will have a beautiful time. Photos by Sound Evidence. #gnaoualive,


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The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival 2016 


The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival 2016
April 30 2016 TICKETS ON SALE NOW 

Celebrate Philly Jazz and International Jazz Day with renowned bassist, composer, producer Jamaaladeen Tacuma and friends at the Clef Club

Philadelphia, PA – Internationally renowned bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma is pleased to present The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival for the second year in a row, a celebration of creative, progressive improvised music. The concert takes place on International Jazz Day, Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 7pm - 1 am at the Philadelphia Clef Club, 736-8 S. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19146.
Admission is payable at the door in cash only, $25 for adults and $15 for students with I.D.

The 2015 Festival brought together people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities for an evening celebrating Philadelphia's rich musical legacy—the event was sold out with a waiting list to get in. This year the festival was chosen to be the closing event of Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month: Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month is a project of the Smithsonian Museum’s National Museum of American History. This year, Festival founder Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s curatorial focus is on cross-generational musical exchange. Tacuma has identified fiery young artists to pair with seasoned figures of Philadelphia improvised creative music.

The Outsiders brings to the stage national and international musicians who have a strong connection to Philadelphia. These include composer, multi-instrumentalist John Zorn (NYC), composer guitarist Elliott Sharp (Berlin/NYC), bassist / violinist/ poet Henry Grimes (NYC, born and raised in Philadelphia), composer saxophonist James Brandon Lewis (NYC) , composer bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma ( PHL), drummer Abe Speller (NJ),drummer

2016 Philadelphia performers include saxophonist Odean Pope, composer saxophonist Bobby Zankel, bassist Richard Hill, drummer Jim Hamilton Trio, guitarist Charlie Ellerbe & Matrix 12:38, composer pianist Dave Burrell, pianist Raymond King, pianist Farid Barron, Sirius JuJu, Fuse Vox featuring guitarist Jeff Monjack, vocalist Valerie Gay and electronics June Lopez, drummer Justin Faulkner, drummer Cornell Rochester and drummer/ bassist Nazir Ebo.

The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival is supported by Creative Philadelphia, International Jazz Day,  WRTI Jazz Bridge with J. Michael Harrison, The Balance of Life Initiative, WKDU's Perry McCotter, Philadelphia Producers Guild, Aguilar Amplification, KP-Vintage, Ahmad & Zaffarese LLC, La Bella Strings, Dipinto Guitars, The Philadelphia Producers Guild, 

Questions? Please call Jam All Productions 267-297-2525

TICKETS ON SALE NOW- Click here to purchase

Jamaaladeen Tacuma Music and The Human Experience "Harmolodic Gems" Workshop at Aguilar Artist Loft  

Aguilar and La Bella Strings are pleased to announce a clinic with bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma. With bold improvisational sense, Tacuma is widely recognized as a completely original voice in the bass community. He is known for his landmark recordings with Ornette Coleman as well as playing with Carlos Santana and Jeff Beck among others. Tacuma looks to share his experiences and long-term musical and human adventures with all who attend.

Don’t miss this special event! Thursday, April 14th, 2016, 7pm at the Aguilar Artist Loft in NYC.

This clinic is free to attend but seating is limited!

To register please RSVP to: ‪

#‎Aguilar‬ ‪#‎AguilarAmp‬ ‪#‎JamaaladeenTacuma‬ ‪#‎BassClinics‬ ‪#‎BassLessons‬ ‪#‎Jazz‬ ‪#‎Improvisation‬ ‪#‎LaBella‬ ‪#‎LabellaStrings‬

Jamaaladeen Tacuma Music & The Human Experience Workshop presented by Monnette Sudlers Guitar Summit 

Monnette Sudlers Guitar Summits presents: Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Music & The Human Experience 

Science Center Theater Montgomery County Community College, 340 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell Pa 19422

Workshop is free and open to the public.

Science Center Theater Montgomery County Community College 340 DeKalb Pike Blue Bell Pa 19422  
For More Information Contact : 215-641-6518


  • A comprehensive 3 PART workshop and lecture based on the concept of the business of music and the human experience, Improvisation as a means of musical expression and the global appreciation of today's world musical language.                                                                                                                                                           
  • This workshop and lecture is for all musicians, DJs, non musicians and for anyone interested in the business of music and the concept of collective improvisation. In depth this workshop and lecture deals with the professions, economics and the structure and development of today's music business.                        
  • The discussions will also give insight as to how today's musicians can develop their own business and promotional strategies to help their chosen careers.            
  • Musical instrumentalist will spend time with each other creating and improvising as a means to creating a musical statement and learning from each other. Time will be spent looking into what makes up the musical trends of today aswell as the more classic forms of music, be it Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop , Electronica and world musical collaborations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Jamaaladeen Tacuma is pleased to share his experiences and long term musical and human adventures with all who attend. Jamaaladeen has toured and traveled around the world for more than 30 years playing concerts and club dates spreading his spicy musical flavor to the listening audience. This workshop will be informative and exciting for all who attend.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • There will be a question and answer period directly following the workshop and lecture for those who attend.

Electric Electrico Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Roberto Cervi Jam All Productions CD Release 

Jam All Productions is proud to present "Electric Electrico"

This recording encompasses music that is built entirely on purity of sound filtering through the maze of electronics. The electric bass and electric guitar heard in a way that is revolutionary and a statement to the development and possibilities of these two iconic instruments.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Electric Bass Roberto Cervi:Guitars, Keyboards Giorgio Ferrara: Electric Piano on Track 4

  1. Mountain Top 7:58
  2. Enchanted Dreamer 7:53
  3. Your Sweetness 12:26 Funky Funkyco 16:43
  4. Funky Funkyco 16:43

Listen to track samples


Jamaaladeen's Fall 2015 Europe Touring Begins 


Jam-All Productions is pleased to share that globe-trotting, Philadelphia-based bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma Pop Up" Bellissimo Tour of Italy. Over the years Jamaaladeen has had the great pleasure to collaborate with a host of Italian musicians , in 2014 he was honored to receive Civitella Ranieri Fellowship during his stay his love and connection with Italy was fortified. He is very happy to be back in Italy for an intensive improvisational musical exploration of Italy Oct 24 to Oct 31 2015.

The international musical exchange will kick off Saturday October 24 at Time Zones Music Festival in Bari Italy , he will be joining BBRT Bowie-Bourelly-Russel-Tacuma, New Language , BBRT will also share a set with Producer, Composer, Musician Nicola Conte Italian. Sunday October 25 Jamaaladeen heads to Rome for a few days , where he joins multi instrumentalist vocalist Mauro Tiberi and Saxophonist Andrea Polinelli at Theatre Casa Delle Culture and B-Folk . October 28 he travels to Posta Fibreno, Frosinone, Italy for a delightful evening at "Il Vicolaccio" celebrating a cd release of Electric Electrico with guitarist Robert Cervi . Next Jamaaladeen goes to Perugia for a special evening organized by composer and bassist musicians Marco Sarti. To top it all off Jamaaladeen is in Bologna and Milan to work with composer, saxophonist Marco G. Visconti-Prasca . During this musical tour Jamaaladeen will continue to foster his beautiful exchange of "Philly Jazz” improvised and creative music with Italian musicians and artists.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma Bellissimo Tour
10/24 Time Zones Festival BBRT Joe Bowie, Jean Jean-Paul Bourelly Gea Russel Jamaaladeen Tacuma , and BBRt meets Nicola Conte Bari, Italy
10/25 A Cup of Tea with Jamaaladeen Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Bass guitar Mauro Tiberi: Voice, drums, reverberi Andrea Polinelli: Saxophones and flute , CASA DELLE CULTURE DI ROMA, Rome Italy
10/27 Bass Gladiators Jamaaladeen Tacuma Mauro TIberi B-Folk, Rome, Italy
10/28Electric Electrico Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Roberto Cervi "Il Vicolaccio" Posta Fibreno, Frosinone, Italy
10/29 Basso Hip-Stereo Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Marco Sarti O.O.B. jazzclub, UMbertide, Italy
10/30 Smashing Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Marco G. Visconti-Prasca "Làbas" via Orfeo 46, 'down-town' Bologna, Italy
10/31 Smashing Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Marco G. Visconti-Prasca Circa Masada Milan, Italy

Wolfgang Puschnig Philly Project Wolfgang Puschnig Sax, Jamaaladeen Tacuma Bass, Timi Hutson Drums, Rick Iannacone Guitar, Asha Puthli Vocals
11/6 Konzerthaus, Wein
11/7 Moods, Zurich

Marc Ribots The Young Philadelphians w/Jamaaladeen Tacuma, G.Calvin Weston, Mary Halvorson + strings
11/12 RÜSSELSHEIM/Germany Theater Rüsselsheim
11/13 MADRID/Spain 11/14 GDANSK/Poland
11/16 MUNICH/Germany Bayerischer Hof - Nightclub
11/17 BARCELONA/Spain L’Auditori Chamber Hall Sala Oriol Martorell
11/18 KÖLN/Germany
11/22 MILANO/Italy Teatro Manzoni

February 2018

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